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...catches the Jewish flavor of the composition.
Catalog Number: CB#309
By Ilse Weber
Arranged by Richard D. Brasco
Run Time: 4'00"
Grade Level: 3
Instrumentation: Concert Band
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Ilse Weber, 1902-1944, was a Jewish poet who wrote songs and theater pieces for Jewish children. She worked as a night nurse at the children’s infirmary at Thresesienstadt concentration camp during World War II. When Ilse’s husband was deported to Auschwitz in October, 1944, she, along with her young son, Tommy, volunteered to go along with him because she did not want to break up the family. Ilse and Tommy, along with many of the orphan children, were sent to the gas chamber upon their arrival to Auschwitz. Ilse went into the chamber with the children and sang this song that she had composed to the children so they would not be afraid. This arrangement by Richard D. Brasco catches the Jewish flavor of the composition.

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