Two 18th Century Minuets

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Catalog Number: CB#114
By Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 1'30"
Grade Level: 2
Instrumentation: Concert Band
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Two Eighteenth Century Minuets offer your students the opportunity to perform two classical pieces' characteristics of the 18th century.

Fanfare Minuet by William Duncombe begins with a fanfare that gives the piece a majestic sound.

Minuet by Leopold Mozart, the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is a bit more delicate in style.

Ranges on these pieces consist of concert B flat to a ninth higher. Directors should strive to achieve four measure phrases throughout. Light tonguing is need to achieve the proper style of these pieces. Dynamic levels need to be handled in a conservative manner. Each movement could be repeated.

This recording was done by The Butler University Wind Ensemble, Dr. Robert Grechesky, Director. The band performs the finest in wind music from the Renaissance to the present in a concert series presented in magnificent Clowes Memorial Hall on the Butler Campus, as well as other venues throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana.

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