Three Easy Pieces for Clarinet and Piano

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Catalog Number: WWS#254
By Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 6'00"
Grade Level: 1
Instrumentation: Clarinet and Piano with CD
Download PDF Sample Pages Three Easy Pieces for Clarinet and Piano

Three Easy Pieces for clarinet and piano have been prepared by Composer/arranger Bruce R. Smith to be performed within the parameters of book one of most standard band methods.

The Soloist is a six note melody with a slight rhythmic variation at measure 21. Rhythm is limited to quarters and whole notes. Students should strive to play a full four measure phrase in one breath.

Minuet has a bit more range of eight notes, all within the usual presentation of the first twenty pages of most band methods. Rhythm expands using the half note with a quarter rests.

Ode to Joy is the theme used in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. The requirements of the piece include eighth notes in groups of two and the first use of the dotted quarter followed by the eighth note. Range expands using a low concert F.

The play-a-long CD includes a performance track followed by the play along track for the soloist with piano. This is an excellent opportunity for the player to hear the way these selections should be performed.

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