Suite for Flutes

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Catalog Number: FC#308
By Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 5'45"
Grade Level:
Instrumentation: 2 picc, 3 fl., 2 alto fl., 1 bass fl.
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SUITE FOR FLUTES, is a three movement composition especially written for the Wings of the Wind Choir, Indianapolis, Indiana. Instrumentation for the piece consists of parts for 2 piccolos, 3 flutes, 2 alto flutes and bass flute. This composition allows for a contrast of parts among the three groupings of the piccolos, flutes, and the low flutes. Composer Bruce R. Smith utilizes the contrasting sounds to produce this composition for flute choir.

Serialism is featured throughout the various movements. The composition is primarily horizontal in nature with vertical clusters created from the rows. The first movement is a twelve tone serial composition using inversion and transposition, the second movement is more of a compositional free form, and the third movement is a nine tone row with inversions and transpositions.
This is an NFA Newly Published Music finalist for 2004.

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