Roumanian Folk Dances for Flute Choir

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Here is an opportunity to perform the music of Bela Bartok.
Catalog Number: FC#355
By Bela Bartok
Arranged by Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 5'30"
Grade Level: 4/5
Instrumentation: piccolo, 3 flutes, 2 alto flutes, 2 bass flutes, contra bass flute and optional contra-alto flute
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Romanian Folk Dances is written for a full flute choir instrumentation of piccolo, three flutes, two alto flutes, two bass flutes, and the low sounds of the contra alto flute and the contrabass flute. Each group is vital and various solos and features appear with each combination. There are a large number of changes of instrumental combinations which produce a variety of tonal colors throughout the piece.

The first movement, Joc Cu Bata, is a basic instrumentation for flute choir. This movement only has a brief number of piccolo statements. The full choir is not heard until the 6th movement which leads to a full ensemble that drives toward the exciting ending. The second movement, Braul, primarily features the alto flutes, bass flutes and the contrabass flute. The third movement, Pe Loc, features the piccolo throughout, accompanied primarily by the low flutes. Movement four, Buciumeana, features the 1st and 2nd flute parts with rubato. Movement five, Poarga Romaneasca, features the basic melody first with the flute, then alto flutes, followed by the bass flutes and contra bass flute. Movement six, Maruntel, begins with piccolo and flute followed by a segment with flutes and alto flute, after which the full ensemble appears together to the conclusion of the piece.

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