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Catalog Number: CB#255
By Les Taylor
Run Time: 7'02"
Grade Level: 5 & 4
Instrumentation: Concert BandSolo percussionist and band.
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PIZZAZZ! is a musical coming of age trip featuring a solo percussionist on various percussion instruments. It begins with the very familiar “Hot Cross Buns” in a beginning band style and gradually weaves its way through several other familiar tunes from beginning band method books, each one getting progressively more challenging and creative for both the soloist and the symphonic band. A jazz vibe improvisation serves as a prelude to the bright up-tempo swinging drum set finale to the strains of “You’re a Grand Old Flag”, and the “Stars and Stripes” trio. As the title indicates, this selection goes coast-to-coast in a dazzling, flamboyant, energetic style.

Premiered at the Midwest Clinic in 2008, by the VanderCook Symphonic Band.

The VanderCook Symphonic Band performed this selection on Friday, December 19 at 2:30 p.m. Vandercook senior Stephen Sanders was the soloist. This is available on YouTube at:

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