New Beginnings March

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Catalog Number: CB#105
By Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 1'47"
Grade Level:
Instrumentation: Concert Band
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NEW BEGINNINGS MARCH is designed to be performed by beginning bands and is ideal for their first or second performance. This piece can be performed by full band or any combination of a first and second part plus a bass part. The trombone parts are optional and can be used with full instrumentation or dropped if you have weak trombone players. Have your trombones play the baritone part as a bass substitute.

In addition to full band performance there are many combinations which could be created and performed. A brass quintet of trumpet 1, trumpet 2, trombone 1, trombone 2, and baritone or tuba. A clarinet trio of 1st clarinet, 2nd clarinet and bass clarinet. Try two flutes and bass clarinet or baritone sax. Whatever combination you have available with three or more instruments will succesfully perform this piece.

Since this piece is in 2/4, directors should strive for an eight measure phrase. Tempo could range from a quarter note equals 96 up to 120. This piece will operate with most of the major beginning band methods starting around page 20.

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