Music of John Dowland for Clarinet Quartet or Choi...

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By John Dowland
Arranged by Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 3'30"
Grade Level: 4
Instrumentation: 3 Clarinet and Bass Cl.

Music of John Dowland offers its players an unusual experience in the music of the early 1600's. Technical requirements for this call for good range with clarinet 1, and strong rhythmic skill from all players.

This arrangement may either be used by a clarinet quartet or expanded for clarinet choir. This is an excellent piece to teach students the music of the Renaissance Period. Inner rhythmic parts make the degree of difficulty a Grade 4. Range requirements extend to a high E in the 1st. clarinet part.

John Dowland was born in Ireland, December 1562 and died in London, January 21, 1626. He was the eminent lutenist and composer of his time. He graduated from Oxford in 1588 with a Bachelor of Music degree, and in 1587 received the Doctor of Music from Cambridge University.

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