Launch Pad

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Catalog Number: CB#109
By Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 2'00"
Grade Level: 1
Instrumentation: Concert Band
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LAUNCH PAD is designed to be performed by beginning bands and is ideal as a first performance piece for new band students.

The piece is done with only the first 6 notes that are introduced in most beginning band methods. The snare drum is required to handle simple eighth notes.

Groups with a small instrumentation could drop the trombone/tenor saxophone parts. The piece can also be performed with the trombone/tenor saxophone parts and no bass part.

Before beginning this piece the director will need to teach how to count the multiple measure rest. These come in segments of 2 or 3 measures. Have the students count these rests out loud for practice before attempting to play this piece.

Some parts require pickup entrances on count 4. Once these techniques are learned this piece is very easy to play and perform. At measure 45 it is suggested that the trumpets and french horn drop out for four measures. Cues are provided if there are a lack of woodwinds to support this section.

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