Espana, Emmanuel Chabrier

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Catalog Number: WW#446
By Emmanuel Chabrier
Arranged by Gary Bricault
Run Time: 5'04"
Grade Level: 6
Instrumentation: Sopranino, 2 soprano, 3 alto, 2 tenor, 2 baritone, opt.bass sax
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Written for sopranino, 2 sopranos, 3 altos, 2 tenors, 2 baritone saxes, or optional bass sax. Arranged by Gary Bricault. In 1882 Chabrier visited Spain with his wife and family, and was enchanted by the energy of Iberian music. Returning to Paris, he promised the conductor Charles Lamoureux he would write a Spanish-themed piece that would cause audience members to leap up and embrace each other. Though he first wrote EspaÃ’a for piano, Chabrier quickly realized that an orchestral version would reach a larger audience. (excepts from program notes by Barbara Heniger). This arrangement is created from the original piano music.

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