Chapel Hill

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Catalog Number: CB#102
By Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 2'19"
Grade Level:
Instrumentation: Concert Band
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CHAPEL HILL is designed to be performed by beginning bands and is ideal as one of your first performance pieces. The trombone part is optional and can be used with full instrumentation or dropped if you have weak trombone players. Trombones should then play the baritone part. If you have a strong tuba and bass clarinet line then the baritones could move to the trombone part.

This piece could be played with a minimum of 7 players. A combination of 2 clarinets, 2 trumpets, baritone, snare drum and bass drum could perform this piece. Other similar combinations could be used.

Work to achieve four measure phrases throughout this piece. This will help to achieve better volume control, tone and pitch.

This piece can be performed with minimum technique. Range is one octave. The rhythm is limited to eighth note development.

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