Cha Cha Now

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Catalog Number: CB#112
By Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 2'11"
Grade Level: 2
Instrumentation: Concert Band
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CHA CHA NOW is designed to be performed by beginning bands and is ideal for a late first year performance.

Range is one octave and rhythms are limited to eighth notes except for the optional advanced snare drum part. In the concert key of B flat major, care should be given to first trumpet and first clarinet parts so that they play their B naturals.

Creative use of percussion parts can enhance this performance. The optional advanced snare part requires the reading of sixteenth note patterns. Use a faculty member on maracas etc.

Bring in you high school percussion and add various trap items. Use your band booster president on a part.

Care should be given to contrasting quarter notes. Some are short, such as measure 8, and some need more length, such as measures 9 and 10 in the upper parts.

Excellent use of the latin style for young band members.

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