Autumn Nocturne

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Catalog Number: CB#117
By Les Taylor
Run Time: 2'19"
Grade Level: 1
Instrumentation: Concert Band
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AUTUMN NOCTURNE makes use of 7th and 9th harmonies within the fundamental framework of the root and third of each chord. After a flowing tutti introduction, the melody is stated in the upper woodwind and trumpet voices. The development features upper and lower contrasting statements which build to a transition with statements in different choirs in a descending pattern. The work ends with a reprise of the opening theme and a fading tag which finally end on a Maj. 7th. Not only would this piece be good for festival or contest, but also as a daily warm-up after your program is concluded. New and exciting harmonies for young players!

Written with limited range and technical demands, this piece addresses sustaining tone quality and intonation for the young band musician. It should be played in a legato style throughout and offers an opportunity to discuss staggered breathing. The director may assign players a place to breath within each extended chorale section.

On the Virginia Music Educators Association list, Grade 1. Performed at the Midwest Clinic, December 2007.

The recording features the Butler University Symphonic Band, Indianapolis, Indiana and their director, Dr. Robert Grechesky.

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