Adventure in 5/4

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Catalog Number: CB#111
By Bruce R. Smith
Run Time: 2'01"
Grade Level: 2
Instrumentation: Concert Band
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Adventure in 5/4 is an ideal first experience for young bandsman in a multiple meter situation.

The percussion section is featured at measure 29.
The band needs to be instructed in the difference between the whole rest and the half rest. The major rhythm of the piece is the use of the dotted quarter, eighth, quarter figure throughout the piece.

You will see an improvement in the rhythmic skills of your band after learning this composition.In addition to full band performance this piece could be played with brass choir and percussion.

A great first experience in 5/4!
This recording was done by The Butler University Wind Ensemble, Dr. Robert Grechesky, Director. The band performs the finest in wind music from the Renaissance to the present in a concert series presented in magnificent Clowes Memorial Hall on the Butler Campus, as well as other venues throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana.

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